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Donut give up on your dreams

504 Gateway Time-out

摩根店, 小酒馆摩根, is the pride of Windsor’s High Street. It has seen him go from aspiring chef to budding entrepreneur before even finishing his secondary studies.

So, how has Morgan turned a childhood dream into a reality so soon?

Get out there and start doing

We learn our best through repetition and practice. It is never too early to start trying something. The key is try not just wait.

Use your mind as a sponge, absorb every lesson you receive

Every day is the chance to learn something new. Even the smallest lessons can help us in the long run.

504 Gateway Time-out

Use your schooling as the icing on your cake…or donut

Every success is a result of the skills you first gain.

Nobody’s perfect. Make your mistakes. Learn from them.

Don’t worry about perfection. Grow. Improve. Have fun.


Remember, the main reason we chase a goal is because we’ve found something we love

To find out where a hospitality or cookery course can take you, visit our Hospitality, Tourism and Events page.

You can’t go past the Cookie Monster 😍🍪🍩

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We think the best type of clown is our Class Clown Doughie, who agrees?! 🤡🍩🤘🏼 #bistromorgan

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Yes, we know it’s Monday and we’re closed but one can dream, hey 😉🙌🏼❤️ - Back tomorrow from 10am 🤘🏼🍩 - #bistromorgan

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